When someone mentions Vienna, people usually think about classic architecture, the famous Fiaker horse carriages and maybe a juicy Wiener Schnitzel. But Vienna is so much more than that! Come join us on a beautiful journey through “our Vienna”!

But before we get into the city walk, there is still some work to do. There are around 3000 people working at A1 HQ, located on Lassallestrasse, and sometimes you can almost see them all in one place, namely the company cafeteria, on those almost infamous Schnitzel Wednesdays, when the place seems more like a busy fairground than a corporate canteen. Add to that some of our colleagues’ children running through the hallways, chased by our “flying nannies”, and the noise levels sometimes hit the roof. No worries, however – those in need of a quiet lunch can eat at one of the restaurants surrounding the HQ building – at Pan’s for example, where half their terrace is usually occupied by A1 employees. And a little more of a picturesque option is a picnic lunch at the park located behind the office building ;-)

Let’s go for a spritzer (or a “seidl” beer)

It’s 5:30pm and the workday is coming to an end. It’s summer, which means the sun is still out. Perfect, we think, and decide to go on a mini-holiday. No, this doesn’t mean getting on a plane in order to stick our feet in the sand and gaze upon the ocean somewhere far away and exotic, but rather just hopping on the underground, which takes us directly to the Vienna Danube canal where, aside from all the cool graffiti walls and relaxed humans sitting and wandering around, our absolute favourite after-work hangout is located: “Figar macht Urlaub”. At Adria next door, you can even stick your toes in the sand and gaze upon the water for real. That’s how you do a holiday in Vienna. And while enjoying some white wine spritzers, we start thinking about a number of other very cool after-work drinking holes in the city. There are more after-work places to visit than there’s work to do, really. How about a pedal boat outing on the old Danube, for example? Or a drink at the super hip MuseumsQuartier? Vienna being the only large city in Europe with a significant wine production output, we obviously have to visit one of its legendary local “Heuriger” pubs. Chin chin!

A virtual walk through Vienna!

You still have some time to kill? Then how about one more walk through the city, and of course this time we mustn’t miss the classic sights: we suggest a visit to the Prater, taking a turn on the Ferris wheel, a walk through the historic 1st district and the stunningly beautiful old city centre including the steps up to the Stephansdom, St. Stephen’s cathedral. Did you know that our A1 radio tower at the Arsenal – lovingly named “Alfred” – is higher than St. Stephen’s cathedral? :) 
If you like your sights a bit more imperial, you should take a trip to castle Schönbrunn, sit down at the glorious Gloriette cafe and enjoy stunning views of the city, breathe some imperial “Sissi” air and sip a “Wiener Melange” – a small espresso with a big dollop of milk foam.

Things you will repeatedly hear in Vienna

It’s true and we occasionally keep saying it. If you’re in Vienna, you’ll hear it a lot as well. The hated yet frequently applied “oida”, used by the Viennese like Spanish written punctuation – before, after and in between words and also as an emotional barometer. Here’s a little glimpse into some typical Viennese expressions, oida ;-)

Viennese slang – A Eitrige mit an Bugl, an Krokodü und an 16-er Blech
“real” german language – eine Käsekrainer (Würstel mit Käse) mit Semmel, Gurkerl und einer Dose Ottakringer Bier
English explanation – A cheese sausage in a bun with gherkins and a can of Ottakringer beer

Viennese slang – ana get no
“real” german language – ein alkoholisches Getränk geht noch
English explanation – one more drink should be ok

Viennese slang – auf lepschi gehen
“real” german language – einen drauf machen, unterwegs sein
English explanation – going for a night out

Viennese slang – habe dere
“real” german language – Habe die Ehre!
English explanation – hello/goodbye

Viennese slang – in die harpfn haun
“real” german language – zu Bett gehen
English explanation – going to bed

Any other useful tips?

Viennese waiters tend to be extremely grumpy. Come to think of it, it’s not just the waiters. The people of Vienna like to do what’s called “sudern” – whining and complaining. Usually about the weather, which is usually either way too hot or way too cold but also really about anything or anyone else you can think of. (We swear, this is an acquired taste. Once you get used to the whiny attitude, you’ll find it exudes a certain charm ;-) ) 
And when we don’t whine, we like to drink a “Kaffeetscherl”, one of the local coffee specialties like the Wiener Melange we’ve already told you about, maybe accompanied by a piece of the world famous Sachertorte chocolate cake. If you decide to enjoy this combo at the original cafe Sacher, you’ll even get served by non-grumpy waiters – and then there’s really nothing left to complain about!

And now: Pfiat di and Baba!
Hope to see you in our beautiful city of Vienna!