It’s happened to us all before: you’re riding the underground when suddenly a thought strikes: “Did I switch off the iron?” “Is my cat going crazy in the living room?” Or maybe you’re simply looking forward to coming home to your cozy and warm house on freezing winter days!

Imagine how comfortable your home would be if it managed all of these thoughts and worries for you! Wait — this is already reality – with our new Smart Home products. The only thing that’s missing is the coffee already waiting for you in the morning ;-) #apersoncandream

Smart solutions for A1 and Vipnet

Our Austrian and Croatian customers are in luck! These smart solutions are already available to help them regulate their homes. Easy and intuitive apps and different packages handle worries regarding flat irons, undesirable house invaders or just room temperature. There are more pleasant things to think about, after all!

Hello, I am your intelligent home…

How can I help you? Ok, we’re not quite there yet. Regardless, our “smart home” still has a plenty of exciting features. Check out our own smart home and see how the new A1 solutions work:

The multisensor automatically switches on the lights to help guide the children’s way to their parents‘ bedroom.

Ok, you caught us: This is pure #catcontent! But if you want to know how many cats fit in a Smart Home, you should not miss our “interview in numbers” – see below.

A sensor on the window activates the app if children open the window.

Regardless if it’s your cat or an intruder – the window – or door sensors will keep you informed via app ;-)

Thanks to a camera in the entrance hall you always know what is happening at home. Better to be on the safe side: the smart sensor records unexpected movements.

Not only useful, but also safe! The smart socket automatically switches off the iron.

Save energy – gain comfort. A1 Smart Home controls the thermostat and allows you to divide your home into several temperature zones which can be controlled individually.

The smart bulb recognizes when you are leaving and coming back and turns on the light at sunrise and switches it off at sunset. That’s what you call comfort!

So what does a Smart Home look like in #reallife? You can have a look at our headquarters in Vienna – or watch the 360° video where we tested the Smart Home for you!

How many cats fit into a Smart Home?

These are some of the questions we asked Jennifer Rom, cat lover and A1 Go for market manager for Smart Home and Yunus Akyikit, project manager. The answers you will find in our interview in numbers!

… and of course we also asked our Croatian colleagues Petra Furcic and Frane Braica at Vipnet representing the whole team under project manager Saša Ilišević. #getwellsoon

Click through their answers: