Music is all around – sometimes in the background and sometimes in the focus. We humm while listening to our favourite song, start to jiggle our feet, remember our first kiss or the perfect summer day when we were younger. These are the emotions that every musician is heading for. And likewise are our colleagues!

Back in April we presented you two DJ’s in our TAG Stories – but there are more of them! This time “on air” and on the youtube turntables: David Schachinger and Katerina Popova!

David is working as an Online Media Expert in TAG Corporate Communications. He takes care of TAG’s corporate website, our Workplace platform, external social media and various online projects.

He joined TAG in December 2011 and is happy ever since ;-)

Tell us how you became a DJ?

Music was around me from the very beginning. My father was among the first ones in Austria to open a store for independent music and he still is very devoted to vinyl. Also my brother started producing his own tunes as a teenager and so it felt quite natural for me to buy a set of turntables and a mixer at the age of 18 and to learn how to DJ.

Since when has DJ-ing been part of your life?

I started in the late nineties when everyone was looking to Vienna and its vibrant electronic music scene. Since then I have never really stopped buying vinyl and playing at parties but I do not have intentions any more to do DJ-ing as a job.

Can you complement: “Music means to me …”

It’s hard to put this in words. Music can evoke very strong emotions and it’s the only language that can immediately touch everyone. If you don’t react to music at all you’re not a real human;-) On a personal level I’d say that I search for new experiences in music – there is so much music out there, but the real treasures are very hard to find. Knowing these gems not everybody knows and combining them to something new that’s for me what DJ-ing is all about.

What’s the connex between working @TAG and being a DJ? Does it support each other? How?

DJ-ing can be a lot of things. In its purest form it’s an art of its own. For some it´s a job, meaning you have to adapt to your audience, and to the ones who pay you. And for some it´s just a hobby or a way to express their love to music. In both, your life at TAG and your life as a DJ you have to love what you do and be true to yourself otherwise you won’t stand out.

The most amazing experience in your “life as a DJ”?

I still remember my first DJ gig. I was working at “Blackmarket Vienna”, at that time Austria’s most renowned record store but the party was organized by some friends in Linz. As it was a rather simple event, they just put ‘Blackmarket’ next to my name and made me the headliner, even though it was my first gig! There were around 200 people, the sound system was horrible and I was super nervous. It was definitely not my best DJ set but it taught me one important thing: you can’t fully prepare for a live set but need to feel the pulse of the audience and react to it – this requires a lot of spontaneity and of course a very confident technique – especially if you mix with vinyl and have to choose in advance which of your records you bring to the club…

Favorite song…

… on the way to work: 
Peter & The Magician – Twist

… when I am “hangry”:
Dancing Machine (Henrik Schwatz Remix)

… when I need some motivation:
Todd Terje – Oh Joy

… when I finished a task ahead of time:
Index – Starlight

… when I don’t get my coffee in the morning: 
Soulwax – Got Any Chris Rea?

… when I find out about a new article on TAG Stories: 
Chela – Romanticise

… when I need to do overtime: 
Laurent Garnier – The Man With The Red Face

… before I sleep:
Yaw – Where Will You Be


Katerina, Marketing Communications Specialist, is now part of the fantastic Marketing Communications Team in one.Vip, previously part of the blizoo MarCom team. She has been around since 2007 and considers it to be the best decade ever!

Tell us how you became a DJane?

Started on a private party in 2011, haven’t stopped ever since.

Since when is being a DJane part of your life?

The very moment I played the first song and instantly fell in love with the energy and synergy between the music, the atmosphere and the people. That sonic force field is pretty strong.  Still, I would call myself more of a music selector than a DJ :-)

Can you complement: “Music means to me …”

Love and power, freedom – yet the best captivity ever. There is nothing more seductive and enchanting, nothing more exhilarating than hearing your favorite track on the radio, in a
bar or on the dancefloor. When the right music comes along, I know everything is going to be ok! :)

What’s the connex between working @TAG and being a DJane? Does it support each other? How?

Both of them are intertwined with working with people, their hopes, expectations and desires, the noblest thing there is. They both require intuition and closely listening to what the crowd wishes for. Giving good vibes to the public, taking their energy in return and turning it into something great, how good is that?

The most amazing experience in your “life as a DJ(ane)”?

Every gig I’ve had in my life, literally! But I must say my favorite moment is when the shyest person in the place gets hit by his favorite song and goes: “OMG, how did you know, that is my favorite track EVER!” and starts jumping up and down :-)

Favorite song…

… on the way to work: 
Fatima Yamaha – Love Invaders

… when I am “hangry”:
Kitana – Princess Nokia

… when I need some motivation:
Sevdaliza – Hubris

… when I finish a task ahead of time:
Gus Gus – Over

… when I don’t get my coffee in the morning:
Lion Babe – Treat Me Like Fire

… when I find out about a new article on TAG Stories:
Jamie xx – I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times) ft. Young Thug, Popcaan

… when I need to do overtime:
Hercules & Love Affair – Think feat. Rouge Mary

… before I sleep:
Little Dragon – Feather