When talking about food Macedonians take pride in fresh and tasty vegetables and fruits that are 100% naturally grown in our beautiful country. This is the reason why so many foreigners say they never tasted such delicious veggies when visiting our Macedonia ;-) Let’s prove it and peek into a lunchbox of a Macedonian colleague!

In Macedonia we have lots of vegetables and fruits and so it is understandable that we try to incorporate veggies in our meals as much as possible. Usually people @ oneVip pack their lunch at home or visit one of the many restaurants in the center of Skopje where our office building is located. Тhe first option is cost effective and the second one saves time. But what if you can have both and keep it fresh and simple?

With a few carefully selected ingredients you can prepare your lunch at work and enjoy it fully fresh. And with the summer season upon us in full swing it’s very important to keep your food fresh, simple, fast and easy to prepare and most of all nutritious and healthy. These are the type of recipes needed to ensure a healthy diet to help your body cope with the summer heatwaves. So let’s put our chef’s hat on as we take a look at the new edition of “let me see your lunchbox”. This time we look into the lunchbox of…

– Marija Janicheska, Legal and personal data protection expert

At Vip Macedonia we typically have…

Light and satisfying (salad that’s packed with protein) food

Food & Cooking is…

A necessity that you enjoy

Today’s lunch is…

Crostini with Salmon

How often do you prepare your office lunch at home?

Rarely, but I usually carry my ingredients from home and prepare my lunch at work.

What is important for you when cooking & eating?

Fresh and healthy ingredients and the way they are cooked. Don’t rush in eating your food.

Your favorite food?

Seafood in general

Do you have a secret snack hidden somewhere around your desk?

I try to have snacks but healthy snacks such as nuts and dry fruit

What do you do when you get “hungry” and you don’t have time to go on a lunch break?

First I check if I have any snacks left, in case I don’t ask one of my co-workers to get me lunch.

What is your most favorite lunch recipe?

All types of salads

A Recipe I want to share

Crostini with salmon

Get the recipe here

You are welcome to share your desk lunch with us as well – just post it in our TAG Stories Workplace Group! ☺