… or should we rather say: spider or bunny? We asked around and found out how animal loving we really are at Telekom Austria Group.

Animals are often not only our best friends, but also fully integrated family members. Our colleagues at A1 Slovenia shared this thought when they made the shops pet friendly: Neither dog nor cat has to wait in front of the shop door in the summer heat. On the contrary, they are welcome in A1’s animal paradise. With fresh water and snacks, A1 not only pleases the pet owners but also our animal visitors. And also, “ahhhh” and “ohhhhh” sounds can be heard from other shop visitors :-)

What counts for our Slovenian customers, is also valid for Vip mobile’s customers in Serbia. A1 Slovenia not only lives this animal friendly approach in their shops, but also at work. Bringing pets to work is not merely allowed, this is desired. Because, pet companions greatly impact employee satisfaction and a positive working climate. By the way, most companions are dogs which well-behaved stick to the “Woof-tiquette”.

In our other Telekom Austria countries, pets are not allowed in the office, however, many animal friends can be found among the colleagues. TAG Stories strayed out, looked for and found animal fans: Just a friendly hint, if you are afraid of large spiders, than you better not look at the photos ;-)

A “dangerous catdog” from Serbia

Milisav or also called Mili does not care what name you call him. The rabbit of our colleague Katarina Trifunović (Vip mobile QA Reporting and Processes Associate) listens to all names given to him by his family members. Mili can also take it up against dogs! From the beginning, his family trained him the same way as the neighbour dogs with whom he also leaps around. When Mili, catlike, shreds the magazine of his mistress in tiny pieces he almost looks a little bit dangerous or when his mouth is pink of endulging in strawberries.Mili is a great listener, likes to cuddle and every evening plants a good-night kiss on Katarinas nose – so much about dangerous ;-)

»Since Mili chases cats and plays balls with dogs, that although I am the only woman in the team, I can do everything men can do. I can even eat as much as they can on a lunch break ;-)«

Mtel’s hairy colleagues

No! Of course we do not mean Dimitar Ivanov (Fixed Services Documentation Team) here, but his office colleagues: two american tarantulas. These two catch the attention of each office visitor. And so they should according to Dimitar who considers them to be more than “just” pets, namely: inspiration, (office) hobby and passion. To Dimitar the moment when his office colleagues lay off their chitunous exoskeleton and cast their skinns is the most fascinating part ot petting tarantulas. A fascinating spectacle for him and also for his colleagues who, in the meantime, are contaged with tarantula enthusiasm :-)

»Some of the greatest engineer achievements in our world are “borrowed” from nature and animals.«

»When the dog is feeling good, also our customer is feeling fine!«

Rescue for Senta and A1’s dog paradise

Franz Reim (A1 Shop Mariahilferstrasse in Vienna) shares a very special connection with his companion “Senta”. The dog was only 6 months old when Franz gave her a new home after being treated badly by her former owner. Since this moment, 12 years ago, Senta and Franz share a special friendship. Senta even guarded Franz´hurt toe when he once broke it. By the way, Franz not only loves his Senta, but dogs in general and this is also the reason why the Mariahilferstrasse A1 Shop also has the reputation of a “dog paradise”. Franz´ “regulars” who regularly drop by with their owners to get cuddles and snacks, appreciate it. Have a look yourself:

»Senta taught me laidbackness. Life with a dog means: joy, affection, exercise and getting to know people!«

Two sportive beauties

Vera Koritskaya has been a horselover since she was 12 years old. Back than, she collected horse postcards. Today, she participates in competition with her 11 year old Orlov-Rostoptschin and Hannoverian horse. Again and again she is fascinated how human and animal become a harmonic duo during competitions and how together barriers are jumped which would be to high taking them alone. Her funniest experience with horses: 40 minutes before a competition her partner escaped to play with other horses. The duo was reunited just right in time before the whistle was blown to start the competition – they even achieved the first place!

»Living without horses is like riding a bike with flat tires, you can do it but won’t go far away and won’t enjoy it at all.«